This fella is the Ugandan Crested Crane

We call him Gen. To the people of Uganda, he symbolizes "peace and joy." To us, he represents our commitment to the people of Uganda--ensuring life is celebrated, by providing what is most essential to survival, clean drinking water.


The Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 Sunset Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA, 90210
Hosted by E! Personalities: Jason Kennedy & Catt Sadler Special Presenters: Megan Fox &
Brian Austin Green
Musical Performances by: JoJo, Mariah McManus, Marielle Jaffe
& Anthony Evans Jr

Our Supporters

Jason Kennedy
Megan Fox
Brian Austin Green
Kim Kardashian

About the Event

Each year Generosity Water creates a space where others can be invited into our story—an opportunity to use our collective influence to give back. It’s our biggest night of the year, and we call it Night of Generosity.

Prepare for an unforgettable red carpet event at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, featuring live musical performances, LA’s finest cuisine, a message from Generosity Water's CEO, Jordan Wagner, and a journey through the heart of Uganda.

Last year’s Night of Generosity raised over $150,000 in one night. This impacted more than 15,000 people by bringing 30 water projects to Haiti, Ghana and Ethiopia. This year we’re dreaming bigger. Our goal is to raise over $400,000 bringing clean water to 40,000 people. We invite you to be a part of this incredible movement of generosity.


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Night of Generosity 2012 Recap

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If you are unable to attend the Night of Generosity but would still like to contribute to our work in the field, please consider an online gift.